Alliance for the Arts – Footprint for the Future

Alliance for the Arts worked with EnSite to help design the next 40 years.

Alliance for the Arts – Footprint for the Future

To celebrate its 40th birthday, the Alliance for the Arts worked with EnSite to help design the next 40 years. EnSite came up with many innovative concepts and a couple of versions of a plan to help the officially designated arts organization for Lee County enhance the vibrancy of its campus, accommodate its continuous growth and meet several specific objectives.

Alliance for the Arts Executive Director Lydia Black said, “We are looking to build a community cultural center that serves as a gathering place and cultural destination linking the gateway of Fort Myers to the rest of downtown.”

As the Alliance works to home in on the priorities for improving its 10-acre campus, certain features are “must-haves.”

  • The Alliance already serves as a hub for some of its many arts and cultural partners who don’t have their own physical address, but it wants more of those great community assets to call its campus home.
  • To serve as an artist incubator and accelerator for creative exploration and collaboration, the Alliance wants to be able to bring together artists’ studios in a thoughtful way, accommodate artists-in-residence and encourage multidisciplinary interaction.
  • The music and arts education schedule at the Alliance for the Arts is at capacity, and so are its current facilities. The Footprint for the Future includes a new four-story building with increased classroom space, gallery space and gathering spaces.
  • The existing Foulds Theater and gallery are slated for expansion to accommodate the growing needs of the organization
  • A new state-of-the-art amphitheater is proposed to accommodate a full symphony and resolve current acoustic challenges of the existing facility.

Aside from the creative concepts EnSite has come up with to help the Alliance become an even more dynamic cultural treasure to residents and tourists alike, the firm has brought its usual passion for sustainable planning and design.

Lydia Black said, “It has been a pleasure working with EnSite. They understand the nature of place-making and community building and are committed to making sure we create a sustainable site that serves residents and tourists alike”.

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