Step it up for World Environment Day 2017!

Step it up for World Environment Day 2017!

Despite our differences, the billions of individuals who live on Earth have one thing in common: their home planet. And maybe like you, we didn’t realize today was World Environmental Day until we clicked on the Google Doodle. That search engine behemoth is directing clicks from that pretty green treatment of its iconic moniker to materials like its environmental commitment report, an article about how its Google map vehicles are being outfitted with air pollution meters, and many cool maps imaging tools tracking illegal fishing and forest loss. Your journey to greater environmental awareness starts with a single step.

World Environment Day is the United Nations’ 43-year-old vehicle for promoting environmental awareness. However old you are, you can also serve as such a vehicle – and with just your own two legs. The theme for 2017 is connecting people with nature, which caught our attention, because it’s a big part of what we try to do! So how will you celebrate? Plan a trip to visit a national park. Plant a tree. Or just go outside and splash in the first big puddles of Southwest Florida’s rainy season.

And consider the following – yes, the environment is a global health issue. We mean this in the nicest way possible – go take a hike!

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