Alliance for the Arts Summer Camp

Alliance for the Arts Summer Camp

Budgets can sometimes be no fun. They oftentimes force us to make decisions that go against our wants and desires. What do you cut to makes ends meet? What do you have that you could live without? These questions can be extremely difficult for adults to make and even harder when children are involved. Over and over we have heard school administrators and parents debate: where do we cut? What part of our children’s education and development is “unnecessary” and what can we live without?

More often than not the Arts end up on the chopping block. Sometimes we don’t recognize how important art is for children who need to learn proactive and creative ways to express how they feel. Sometimes, children just need to find their voice.

And sometimes their voice is found in the way they share themselves through art.

The most successful people of our community, country, and world are also some of the most creative thinkers. Music and art helps breed this creativity in all of us. It helps teach our children to think bigger and outside of the lines (even though we tell them to color within them). Lee County Alliance for the Arts is one of the best resources we have within our Southwest Florida community. The Alliance is a local non-profit dedicated to nurturing and developing creativity and passion for art and culture.

Lee County Alliance for the Arts helps enrich our culture for those who live and visit Southwest Florida. They have so many amazing programs and classes for adults, children, and families. One coming soon is the Alliance for the Arts Summer Arts Camp. During this camp children are exposed to all kinds of creative thinking. Visual arts, theatre, voice, dance and so much more! The arts are such a pivotal part of a child’s development: a learning environment where a child learns through play and creative activities!

From the time we were all children, we were told to follow the rules. Art has no rules. The freedom this creates in a child’s mind is limitless. Alliance Summer Art Camp also provides an opportunity each week for children to display their creations. There are art exhibitions and stage performances put on by the talented children of our community. They are learning to become designers and engineers of their own lives and futures. They are learning different things about themselves through this creative thought and expression filled activities.

Art is beautiful, but not all of us can be fulltime artists. Or can we? Landscape designers are artists making our lawns and trees magnificent. Hairdressers are artists making each hair style, color, or cut a masterpiece. Computer developers are artists making complicated code that shows up in a beautiful program. Art is everywhere and irreplaceable. Would we really want to live in a world with no creativity?

Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”

Children and families build more than art when at the Alliance. They build themselves. And in the end, that’s what community and culture is all about: sharing ourselves.

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