At home at work: the Horton House

At home at work: the Horton House

Living real balance by integrating heart and mind!

Social media and industry leaders love to give lip service to the elusive work/life balance. Our very own landscape architect, Matt Horton, walks the walk in a manner that’s as thoughtfully integrated as his designs.

Like most of us here, Matt doesn’t particularly enjoy being in the spotlight, but a reporter from Grandeur Magazine was persistent enough to get him to open his beautiful home to her readers. It provided a (35-foot floor-to-ceiling) window into his mind, his life, and his heart.

Sure, you’ll get to learn about the sustainability practices Matt employs at home and on behalf of our clients to make the region more vibrant for future generations. Yes, you’ll learn how energy- and water-conscious techniques pay dividends in both cost savings and by safeguarding our fragile ecosystem.

Mostly, we think you’ll be inspired by Matt’s example of work/life balance, which we hold near and dear as an EnSite value. He shows us that the way we work can reflect the way we live – we call that real balance: that it can be a bonding experience to break the rules. That a husband-wife effort works equally well for designing a home as well as for a business setting. That we can have natural daylight even on a cloudy day. That we don’t have to choose between indoor and outdoor living, energy efficiency and elegance, storm hardening and historical context…or cats and dogs.

Just as cleverly as Matt references the “cardinal directions on the ground plane” in all his designs, his work and home life equally reflect the values of integrity, sustainability, playfulness, and sense of place. Now, who else around here might like their own dedicated art loft? (Yes, please)  Read the article here and see some gorgeous photos of Matt and family, their home, and their “passel of adopted dogs and cats.”




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