A gift to the city – Cape Christian Fellowship Park

A gift to the city – Cape Christian Fellowship Park

Churches occupy a place in history as the center of a community. Consider the colonial meeting houses of early New England, which served as a place to conduct religious worship, discuss issues facing the town and make decisions about government business. Eventually separation of church and state became codified in our founding documents, populations became decentralized, and society became more inclusive of diverse systems of belief. Today churches have to work harder to maintain the role of community anchor.

Cape Christian Church has done an excellent job of attracting parishioners. The nondenominational church has grown rapidly since its founding in 1987, and will need to continue to expand its facilities in coming years. EnSite was proud to provide planning and civil design for a campus enrichment plan that leaves room for future growth while serving as a hub for community engagement.

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Cape Christian took our suggestions and hit the ground running. An integral part of the plan was to create a park and meeting place that is free and open for the general public to enjoy. Fellowship Park is a five-acre park the church considers its gift to the city. Every detail was accounted for. The church went on to complete construction on so many amenities. An outdoor fountain and courtyard with seating for more than 200 people is the centerpiece, but there are opportunities for recreation, sports, picnicking and just getting together with friends and family.

With its focus on connectedness to the Cape Coral community, this amazing project achieves the “Living Peacefully” tenant of the church’s Lifestyle Statement, which includes this verse: “Let us make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification.” Romans 16:19

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