Catch the eco-optimism spirit

  Catch the eco-optimism spirit

Isn’t it time for some good news? The American Society of Landscape Architects recently ran a two-part feature in their blog, The Dirt, called “Reasons to be Optimistic About the Future of the Environment.” Heck yeah, it got us to click! They were careful to avoid sugar-coating the realities we face, but along with a sense of urgency, a dose of optimism can help the work we must do feel a little more achievable. We’ll summarize the main points below, but encourage you to read these excellent posts in their entirety.

Part one provides these reasons to take heart:

– China Is Valuing Its Ecosystem Services (and so are many cities and countries!)

– In the U.S, Renewable Energy Is Where the Growth Is

– Food Waste Is Now on Our Radar

– Communities Are Organizing to Save Coastal Ecosystems

– Cities Are Rebuilding Connections to Nature

– Some Species Have Even Found Opportunities in Suburbs and Cities

Part two continues with more good news:

– Nature Is Being Preemptively Preserved (check out the Nat Geo trailer below, which ASLA also includes in their post)

– People Are Making Room for Nature to Travel (migration corridors, anyone?)

– Forests Are Being Designed for Productivity

– The Best Communicators Are Creating “Conservation Pride”

– And We’ve Learned Everyone Can Make an Important Contribution

Isn’t it easier to get to work knowing your efforts mean something? What is one thing, big or small, that can you do today to help us achieve a better tomorrow for our planet?

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