A sustainable revisioning for EnSite

A sustainable revisioning for EnSite

At EnSite, sustainability has always represented even more than our passion for the environment; it encompasses a focus on economic development and social equity, which are so essential to envisioning a more vibrant Southwest Florida. Today we’re pleased to announce that EnSite’s own sustainability efforts continue to evolve.

Please help us welcome Rosemarie Fusco as a new urban planner! She has worked closely with principals Matthew Horton and Jon Romine over the last year while finishing her master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florida.

During that time, EnSite released its first corporate social responsibility report highlighting the success of its Triple Bottom Line approach (people, planet, profit).  We learned about the passions and drivers of EnSite’s work and purpose. This report marked the passing of one growth period for our team and ushered in a new stage of goals and opportunities.

With EnSite passing a sustainability milestone, long-term principal Jon Romine will continue to apply the Triple Bottom Line aspirations on behalf of our region as Program Director for SecondMuse’s new Community Sourced Incubator. SecondMuse is a global collaboration agency (B-Corp) who has been working with the Southwest Florida Community Foundation over the past year to strategize future activities through the creative valve that is the Fort Myers Collaboratory. Conceived by a design team including EnSite, the Collaboratory is the cornerstone of Fort Myers’ Midtown redevelopment project.

SecondMuse and EnSite are both committed to the future of the community where our families live, work, learn, and play. We wish Jon the best of luck, from the bottom of our hearts, and we are excited to see the future growth of SecondMuse in Southwest Florida. Jon won’t be a stranger around here, and we hope you won’t either. Follow EnSite’s journey as a growing sustainable business and please, reach out to share your vision for the future with us.

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