Chasing the unicorn – work-life balance

Chasing the unicorn – work-life balance

Work-life balance is often seen as something of a unicorn. It’s not a mythical creature here at EnSite, though, but an integral component of our organizational structure. Our team is the key to our success and creating a positive workplace that supports a balance between work life and home life is paramount to our ability to continue to grow. This type of environment isn’t created out of thin air. There are a few things an organization can do to better align its staff in succeeding with the balancing act.

  1. Create a quiet space for employees.
    1. This space does not have to be a whole office or contain over the top features like Zen gardens or soundproofing. It just needs to be an area where employees can step away from work and take a moment. Having an area where your employees can take a much-needed break can be immensely beneficial.
  1. Allow schedule flexibility
    1. This can be the hardest tip to implement but can be a game changer for retaining quality team members who engage at a higher level. We understand that not all businesses are well-suited for working remotely, but building in flexibility where possible is critical to helping employees balance their home life with their work life. Little things like allowing weekend makeup time or providing flex time options let your employees know you see them as people not just a means to an end.
  1. Hear your employees
    1. Every workplace is different with no cut and dry solution for each one. Asking your employees what they need in order to better balance their life opens up the conversation and lets them know you are aware a balance is needed. This is something we do often our company continues to expand.

Balancing life and work will always be a challenge both individually and as a business. But if you’re anything like our team at EnSite, you see challenges as opportunities.  Now, who’s up for a little unicorn chasing?

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