Cleaning up a city - it's not rocket science

 Cleaning up a city - it's not rocket science

We enjoy stories about individuals who identify a problem, and though they be but one, go all in to make a difference. Here’s one of those. If one guy in a city as big as L.A. can look around and decide something needs to change – and make it happen – who’s to say what any of us can do,¬†no matter where we are and what the issues are? You’ll see in a few minutes that “it’s not rocket science.”

Trash is a problem every city has to conquer. In some places, the solution is elaborate. In the case of the man who’s been dubbed El Baserero (garbage collector), it just takes using the tools at your disposal – like a phone app.

We don’t have 311 in Southwest Florida yet. However, we do have plenty of ways to own the solutions we encounter by communicating with city and county officials, voting in elections and getting our neighbors involved in making their community a better place to live. This film¬†speaks for itself. Impressively, it was made in under 10 days as part of the Urbanism Filmmaking Challenge at this year’s New Urbanism Film Festival. Director Joe Shapiro was inspired by Joel Epstein‘s presentation on the LA311 app, and we think you’ll also be too.

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