Collaboration as our greatest sustainability tool

Collaboration as our greatest sustainability tool

We’re big on collaboration. None of our projects exist in a vacuum. Many are in fact metaphorical expressions of our love of working with communities to design a better future. McGregor Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, for instance, invites passersby to interact with the space, incorporating the sidewalk and even a public park as integral design elements. Similar features are essential to the Cape Coral Hospital and Alliance for the Arts campus enrichment projects.

You also may know we’re big on emphasizing sustainability as a multi-component perspective that informs everything we do. Environmental stewardship is critically important, but so are the economic development and social equity considerations that we treat with equal seriousness. We were pleased this morning to discover a roundup from The Nature Conservancy highlighting some standout stories about sustainability successes earned in collaboration with global partners to achieve measurable gains to advance all three sustainability components.

As we approach the end of a somewhat chaotic year, it’s encouraging to count gains being made around the world by leveraging strategic partnerships in:

1. Conserving the Landscapes that Supply Our Water
2. Planting Trees for Healthier Cities
3. Smarter Farming for a Healthier Planet
4. Innovating Our Way to a Sustainable Future
5. Nature’s Role in Responding to Climate Change
6. Making Smart Investments in Coral Reefs
7. Communities Lead on the Path to Climate Progress

Even more impressive than this dynamic overview, plus some gorgeous photos and an infographic that make us jealous, is the combination of partners at play in these advances, from economists, farmers and community leaders to NGOs, tech companies, tourism companies and governments.

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