Data informs better decisions, saving money and increasing productivity

Data informs better decisions, saving money and increasing productivity

Water is an integral part of our everyday lives, and that’s especially true here in Southwest Florida. Our position along the coastline gives us ample opportunities for swimming, kayaking, fishing and more. But when it comes to running water, Lee County is lagging behind.

A few years ago, we provided the utility plan for the McGregor Vet Clinic here in Fort Myers, which included integration of usable water for the property. We saw firsthand the consequences of Lee County’s aging water distribution system, which has experienced a spike in water main breaks during the past three years for which data is available (see table).



Typically, three quarters of water main-related leaks occur in only one quarter of water main pipes, according to data from Fracta Inc. and Utility Services Associates published in Civil Structural and Engineer magazine. That means the majority of the problems come from a relatively small group of sources.

So, if we can identify the problem pipes, we can decrease both non-revenue water loss and operation costs. With an aging water infrastructure, this process becomes especially important.

Proper system maintenance and timely remediation of emerging issues is critical for water distribution systems. Lee County is slowly recovering from a peak season for water main breaks in 2014-15, but the county’s numbers are still significantly higher than the state average.

Our position on the coastline gives our community the wherewithal to become a leader in water distribution. Our mission at EnSite is to help the community embrace that opportunity and design an infrastructure that’s built to last.

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