Envisioning must be a community process

Envisioning must be a community process

When’s the last time an idea or plan was handed down from some place on high, sight unseen, and it made things a heck of a lot better for your community? Anyone?…If you’re at a loss, consider that instructive. And now let’s consider some community envisioning that’s more transparent (quite literally!)

In working to get the word out about the Austin Master Plan, the clever people at Project Great Streets had hundreds of transparent slides featuring a single, beautiful tree printed out. Now people can place a tree anywhere on an Austin street (or on top of a friend’s head), Instagram it and participate in the envisioning process!


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Communities are improved through the will of their members, and only if the change that happens is informed by the desires and needs of its members. Administrations sometimes lose sight of how to meaningfully involve the people they’re intended to serve, and the community’s will often must be reasserted.

We’re excited when folks show up for public meetings so their concerns about specific projects can be heard, such as the Midtown plan and Gardner’s Park. If you have ideas about planning that affects where you live, work, play and learn, we’d love to know. Connect with us on Facebook or send us a message at info@en-site.com.

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