The future sets sail at Mote

The future sets sail at Mote

In need of an uplifting midweek story? We’re excited to learn about the great work Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium up in Sarasota is doing to help kids make the right kind of waves.

The AMI Kids slogan is right there on the side of the boat, “Separating a troubled past from a bright future.” We will cheer on any organization that helps kids discover their inner resources and become the most productive, self-fulfilled members of society possible. At EnSite, for instance, we’ve been active with the STAMP and Take Stock in Children intervention programs, providing mentorship for teens as they navigate adolescence and the possibilities for college or career. And we’re also big on the power of outdoor learning and field trips.

It makes so much sense that giving kids a direct experience with the natural environment helps them learn to love science and want to protect our natural resources. But it also imparts confidence, builds teamwork and develops leadership skills in a really powerful way! Here’s a link to a larger description of Mote’s program.

What’s your favorite program to help kids chart a course to the future?

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