FutureMakers blitz the News-Press

 FutureMakers blitz the News-Press

Readers who opened their Fort Myers News-Press last Sunday were met with a deluge of passionate opinion. Given, that’s not different from most Sundays. But instead of the armchair prognosticating about the presidential election and all manner of the usual hot button-issue one-upsmanship, subscribers who opened up the Views section were witness to a coordinated patchwork of eight separate op-ed pieces. Each written by a Southwest Florida leader or business builder, these viewpoints focused on a specific area of thought for achieving a better future for our community and our children. Pretty heady stuff, eh?

Specifically, each piece espoused a tenet of the FutureMakers Coalition. A brainchild of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, FutureMakers has the goal of increasing the rate of post-secondary degrees or certificates in the region. Right now it’s pretty low. And by focusing on that one goal, the future looks pretty amazing. But don’t take this blog’s word for it – get it right from some of the FutureMakers, who met as a team with the News-Press’ editorial board. The board thought it was worthy of dedicating all those column inches to the future.

Sarah Owen kicks the whole thing off at this link. And our own Jon Romine adds to the chorus of voices with his passion for coalition building here. To the future!

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