Get muddy this weekend for some good clean fun

 Get muddy this weekend for some good clean fun

Here’s a good post for the weekend, because it’s all about play. You know we’re big proponents of outdoor play and learning. And sometimes there’s no substitute for getting dirty.

Do you remember making mud pies as a kid? Something may have happened between then and now, as evidenced by the steady stream of commercials for disinfecting wipes and sprays, antibacterial potions and corporate messaging that tells you, “You will never be able to get your kids’ environment clean enough – try harder!” The hysteria’s died down somewhat. Research shows that kids who grow up with all kinds of animals tend to be healthier adults. The human biome is also having a moment in modern science.

Aside from all that, kids these days tend to be looking down – not at the earth below them, but at their electronic gadget of choice.

So when we heard about International Mud Day, we wondered, “Why weren’t we invited?” The fact is, we were. And so were you. There’s still time to celebrate. We noticed Child Care of Southwest Florida posted several fun followup activities to International Mud Day. As we continue on through the rainy season here, it’s a great time to try these with your kids. For some good clean fun and togetherness, try getting some mud on you this weekend. Looks like these families in Australia would recommend it:

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