Green is far from the only color on the spectrum.

Green is far from the only color on the spectrum.

So it shouldn’t be the only aspect of sustainability. What makes our planet truly special is its inhabitants. True sustainability involves not just the environment but the society and the economy as well. Accordingly, each of those aspects needs more than one leg to stand on.

Concentrate only on soil but neglect water, and the soil starts to have problems. Concentrate only on children but neglect parents, and the children start to have problems. Concentrate an economy only on construction and tourism — sound familiar, Southwest Florida? — and those who depend on construction and tourism will start to have problems.

The economy is strong now, but as the Dow’s recent 1,100-point tumble in a single day reminds us, turbulence always lurks. That’s why a sustainable economy — locally, nationally and abroad — is so important. It’s critical to have somewhere to turn when times are tough.

EnSite turned toward the community during the last economic downturn, redoubling its efforts to make Southwest Florida a better place to live. The company is dedicated to working with local schools and encouraging students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math that can lead directly to improvement and change for the better within the community. Urban and land planning is meaningless, after all, unless there are future generations who understand the plans and know how to put them into action.

There’s no such thing as a truly linear process — there are always bumps in the road. Acknowledging that and building a sustainable plan that accounts for those bumps is critical. Better to set aside money for the inevitable car repair than to scramble for cash when you’re broken down on the side of the road. The key is to keep on rolling and sustain momentum. And that’s what Ensite is all about.

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