Growing a solution for public health - trees

Growing a solution for public health - trees

We happened upon this intriguing Facebook post and thought it would be a great share as we head into the weekend.

Naturally, we caution a little skepticism with the headline. While “urban greening” is an important component, any approach to enduring public health solutions must consider many complementary factors. There is no component that can claim to be “the” key. That being said, go ahead and click the above link for a good overview of a new report from The Nature Conservancy. Smart Cities Dive is an¬†industry-specific aggregation media site for busy people. Know anybody like that?

If you’re like us, though, you’ll want to go straight to the report and dig in. You might find that your weekend plans include planting a tree. We enjoy the Conservancy’s treatment of funding and policy as fundamental considerations. Is your health worth the money? Comment on the Facebook post that brought you here!

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