An hour to change a life - evolution through mentoring

 An hour to change a life - evolution through mentoring

Yes, okay, okay, we’re doing it again – proclaiming our devotion to the concept of mentoring. We’re preaching to a big choir, undoubtedly. Just in case the magic of taking a young person under your wing hasn’t been a part of your evolution as a business person, community leader, or generally upstanding citizen, we don’t want you to miss out. Evolution is the right word, for as much as you will have improved the prospects of a beginning citizen, your life will be changed. Here’s a secret: you can change your life in one hour a month. That’s it! That’s, like, the amount of time many of us spend opening junk mail in a month, which should never, ever be described as evolution. *Shudder*

What’s not a secret is there’s a great big need out there. Check out this post from this past week.

Jon and FrankieNow check out this News-Press article about how mentoring became a part of the EnSite culture. The BEST day at the office is when Frankie or one of our other mentees (is that a real word?) shows up. Doesn’t he have the greatest smile? And what about Jon’s broad grin? That’s what evolution looks like.┬áTotally worth it.

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