i-Zoom, Collaboration with Imaginarium & Zoomers!

i-Zoom, Collaboration with Imaginarium & Zoomers!

i-Zoom, Collaboration with Imaginarium & Zoomers!

Making a trip out to Fort Myers Beach can create some sense of anxiety. Did we bring enough water? Did we pack the sunscreen? Did we forget the umbrella? Will we find parking? Will we make it to the beach before the sun goes down (we all know what the dreaded traffic backup over the bridge could become)? Getting onto the beach may be the longest few miles ever driven. Just because you can see the shoreline, doesn’t necessarily mean you are almost there! Fort Myers Beach is an absolute must see for anyone visiting the area, and a staple for those of us who are lucky enough to live here year round.  Luckily when season is over and the snowbirds go home for the summer, the locals have more room to come out to play.

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Fort Myers resides on this trip to the beach. Zoomers Amusement Park is open and ready for school to be out! Zoomers was one of those land development projects that locals couldn’t help but anticipate being completed. When it was first being constructed, the design engineers and contractors worked overtime to bring the fun to Fort Myers. Zoomers has teamed up with the Imaginarium Science Center to create a summer camp experience unlike any other.

Introducing Camp i-Zoom!

This collaboration has resulted in the creation of an educational fun-filled experience for children in Southwest Florida.  The curriculum and classes (physics, math, and science oh my!) are based on the model program from the Imaginarium, and the amazing coasters, rides, and games will be supplied of course by Zoomers.

This is perhaps one of the best mashups Fort Myers has ever seen.

If you are parent, teacher, or even older sibling, you know the amount of work it can take to keep children stimulated until school starts back up. The ultimate goal is to keep children interested in continuing to learn during the summer and avoid the boredom that can set in when kids don’t feel as though they have something to do. Camp i-Zoom was created to help our community come together in a place where fun and learning are one in the same. The children look forward to summer vacation for fun and parents look for ways to continue the learning in the off months.

Camp i-Zoom helps the families of our community on many levels. The kids love the rides, games, coasters AND the learning! This summer camp is engaging for children and parents. No two days are the same. The staff has created a changing curriculum each day targeting new and unique learning activities. The creativity that the Imaginarium Science Center incorporates into learning makes it a inventive way to keep the children engaged. This mixes perfectly with the creativity and excitement of Zoomers Amusement Park.

Bottom line: kids will feel as though they are learning without ever entering the school classroom. But what do we imagine they’ll tell you?


For more information or to sign your child up, please visit: the Imaginarium’s website here!

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