IMAG has better summer camps than we went to

IMAG has better summer camps than we went to

So, the Imaginarium and The Southwest Florida Museum of History merged and are setting into motion an endless variety of ways to immerse children and adults alike in a love of learning and a perspective of our region that can only be attained through the storytelling twins of science and history. That synergy is really quite apparent in IMAG’s new lineup of one-week summer camps that are now open for summer – 8 in all. Check out these descriptions. They’ll make you wish you could travel back in time (week 8!) and be a kid again. Did somebody say rockets? (Week 3!) And whoa, wait, CSI? Yup, week 6! Sign up here!

Survivor-Calusa Style!
June 5th-9th

Could you survive a day in Southwest Florida, before we had cars, air conditioning, and supermarkets? That’s what the Calusa Indians had to do, and now you can too (with the air conditioning)! Learn all about our area’s first culture, from their arts and crafts to how they fished and what they ate. You’ll have to learn to survive firsthand through challenges that will have you thinking like a Calusa. Learn about the archaeology of the Calusas in our new “Natives of Southwest Florida” exhibit. There’s a good chance the campers will be the first people to experience it. Meet guest speaker Rachel Kangas of the Florida Public Archaeology Network will discuss Pytrotechnology, including a hands-on experiment. Get assigned to a Calusa village, which will be your team you work with for our survival challenges over the course of the week. Visit the Randell Research Center in Pine Island is home to some of our area’s best examples of Calusa mounds. You’ll get to see Southwest Florida through the eyes of the Calusas at the site of one of the most powerful Calusa villages.

Go With the Flow!
June 12th-16th

Dive in to explore a sunken ship and offshore reef with a virtual experience that requires no certification. Explore marine and freshwater ecosystems and life forms with a trip to the beach as you wade in the mudflats to discover what’s above and below the surface. Cast your net and observe your catch, take water samples, follow the flow, and dig into the engineering behind our beloved river. Look to history to examine its roots and uncover the stories that prompted the civil engineering overhaul that unknowingly created the challenges in the news today. As water warriors, you’ll team up to learn more about what we can do and propose your own solutions.

Space Race!
June 19th-23rd

Physics has never looked so cool! Experiment with energy, forces, and interactions as you take flight in a paper airplane contest, play a little Bernoulli ball, and experiment with jet propulsion. Explore the scientific principles of flight and rocketry as you use creative techniques to construct custom kites and build and launch model rockets! Look to our past to follow the evolution of space exploration, then prepare to take LAUNCH for this camp is out of this world!

Tech Talk!
June 26th-30th

Technology is EVERYWHERE! It is your smartphone, your house, a pencil–almost anything made by humans that solves a problem! Explore past and recent advances in technology through coding, programming, circuitry, and electronics. Work with our tech team to enhance IMAG history education by using 3-D modeling, augmented reality, and virtual reality to explore the world of our ancestors and the life forms that came before. Leave a tech wizard as you think creatively to program an interactive story, design a video game, and complete a circuit to light up some LEDs! Innovate away as we look to the future for inspiration and new problems to solve.

Grossology-The Science of Strange!
July 10th-14th

Get ready to get gross at camp as we discuss the disgusting! Are snakes slimy? Touch one and find out! What is in owl puke? Dig in and dissect it to see for yourself! How does your nose make so much snot? You’ll find the answers to those questions and gain much more revolting knowledge because this week is all about uncovering all that is unpleasant. Be prepared to get weird as you learn all about the science of the bizarre!

Crime Time!
July 17th-21st

Do you think you have what it takes to be a CSI agent? Pick up your magnifying glass and join the IMAG detectives to collect clues and use your scientific savvy for some super science sleuthing and solve some of history’s most baffling mysteries. With a little help from forensic science, IMAG investigators can trace clues and follow the facts to crack some cryptic cases. This camp includes a special presentation by Forensic Scientists.

July 24th-28th

Join the IMAG in exploring the exciting worlds of engineering and robotics! Experiment with architecture, fabrication, and the engineering design process while creating super structures and inventions. Explore electricity, but don’t short circuit as you explore the science that powers robotics on all scales, from nano to jumbo, and build your own radical robot! You will need to be in high-performance mode to meet our robotics challenge, as you tinker with technology to build your own mechanical masterpiece to take home!

Time Travelers!
July 31st-August 4th

Zoom through history to explore our world from prehistoric times to modern-day, then predict the future. What revolutionary changes will we see? Try out technologies, fashions, fads, and even foods from eras past. Churn butter, play with pioneer toys, learn Morse Code, and even type a letter the old fashioned way!

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