Integrated irrigation systems role in a site plan

Integrated irrigation systems role in a site plan

As landscape architects, we are responsible for the long-term land planning of many of our projects. This means evaluating the site and creating a site inventory, planting design, grading plan, stormwater management system and sustainable design for the property. One of the most important aspects of our role is the control of the water that runs through the property. We evaluate existing water sources, like nearby rivers and stormwater retention areas, and we assess the need for external irrigation systems. We have talked about various stormwater management systems we implement in previous blogs, but today, we want to touch on the careful consideration that goes into our integrated irrigation systems.


While Southwest Florida enjoys a fairly lengthy rainy season, we also go long stretches with no rain at all. It is for this reason that a well-designed irrigation system is so important. We carefully consider the best and most efficient way to manage water on each project we undertake as we create sustainable designs. We have a few tools in our arsenal that we use regularly.


Low flow bubblers-


This sprinkler head is designed to provide a minimal amount of water to a targeted area. These are ideal for placement at the base of a tree with a large root base, providing necessary water while eliminating wasteful overspray.


Rain Detector sensor-

It makes no sense to water a lawn that’s already wet. A rain detector sensor can prevent automatic irrigation devices from activating at the wrong time. These sensors come in a variety of styles and can be integrated within almost any irrigation system design.


Control system –

Control systems put the power in your hands so you can effectively manage complex irrigation systems amid changing weather. Proper setup of the control options is paramount to producing a cost-efficient irrigation system. Newer systems are able to pair wirelessly with mobile devices to allow for remote site management.


Landscape water use accounts for up to 20 percent or more of a facility’s water consumption. Irrigation systems powered by tools like these can minimize water consumption for any property. To learn more about how our landscape design process fits within long-term site plans, call our office at 239-226-0024.

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