Join the Million Mile Movement for a healthy Lee County

 Join the Million Mile Movement for a healthy Lee County

The journey of a million miles begins with a single step. Well, that’s not the actual quote, but you get the gist. Maybe resolutions don’t seem meant to stick, but with thousands of people to keep you accountable, how could you fail? If you’re thinking no one has that kind of support system, just join the Million Mile Movement!

EnSite is proud to sponsor this fun community-wide challenge to get us all up, moving and healthy for the long run. Register at this link and you can then log in at anytime to log your miles accumulated running, walking or biking. If those activities just aren’t up your alley, don’t sweat it – there are a dozen types of movement that count toward your goal. And your progress inspires others.


To kick things off personally, our Jon Romine recently completed the Disney World Marathon. He’s on the steering committee for Healthy Lee. Weather you’re working up to 26 miles or a half a mile, every bit of progress helps and is worth celebrating! Jon has his own personal cheerleaders in his wife and daughter. When you join the Million Mile Movement, you’ll get an amazing amount of support and the vitality you cultivate will make you want to set farther and farther goals. It all starts with the first step. Go!

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