Landscape plans built to last with native plants

Landscape plans built to last with native plants

EnSite’s design process for a landscape plan goes beyond simply understanding permitting requirements and doing just enough to meet the mandates. With the feast-or-famine climate of heavy rains and drought-like conditions that Southwest Florida cycles through each year, stormwater management and minimal irrigation impact are key components of local landscape planning. Blending the two can often be a challenge most readily solved by using native plants.

Native plants can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, increase nearby water quality, mitigate stormwater influence and reduce the need for irrigation. By using native plants, we also support local biodiversity and habitats for native wildlife.

Indigenous vegetation can reinforce design elements within the property, as witnessed by our use of royal palm trees on the McGregor Vet Clinic project. The design of the clinic building focused on the iconic royal palms that line McGregor Boulevard. We relocated or planted 18 royal palms to further blend the new building into its native surroundings. This, coupled with our use of over 270 low-maintenance dwarf Fakahatchee grass starts provides a natural functional base on which our landscape plan was formed.

Marrying business goals and governmental requirements with responsible design and environmental impact is our goal. Discover the difference the EnSite team can provide on your next project by scheduling a free consultation.

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