Lead or follow, but get out of your own way

Lead or follow, but get out of your own way

The holidays are a time for introspection – one of the most important activities for a business leader. Whether you are a leader or part of a team that’s being led, there’s no better reward than knowing your work is backed by integrity. It’s a character trait that’s always in demand!

Leaders are not infallible, and are often limited by the culture of their organization. But there are some common pitfalls to avoid. So we were happy to see an article at Forbes delineating five common mistakes that leaders make. Chances are, you’ve seen some of these in action. Are you guilty of them yourself? There’s no shame in taking a personal inventory and deciding to do better. You can (and should) read the whole article here. But here’s a quick roundup:

1. Most Leaders Confuse Control With Delegation
2. Most Leaders Care More About The Title Than The Job Requirements
3. Most Leaders Want To Take Credit For The Wins, And Shift Blame For The Losses
4. Most Leaders Work Less Than Everyone Else, And Expect More Than Everyone Else
5. Most Leaders Treat Others The Way They Were Treated

Did any of the five make you say “Ouch?” Congratulations – you’re human and your self-reflection muscles are working better than most. We all have areas we can improve upon. New year’s resolution time is coming, people!

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