Leadership meets mentorship

Leadership meets mentorship

At a fundamental level, sustainability is about connecting the current moment with a good tomorrow. At EnSite, mentoring and internships are key components of our commitment to a brighter future, and that’s reflected in the interns we have this summer.

Frankie Nater first came into contact with EnSite when he was in high school through the Take Stock in Children program. EnSite principal Jonathan Romine served as Frankie’s mentor and helped him become the first member of his family to attend college. Through his years at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business management, Frankie and Jonathan stayed in touch.

“He said, ‘Call me anytime,’ and I took him up on that,” Frankie said.

A fateful series of texts in January brought the mentorship full-circle.

“He asked if I’d be interested in coming in and sitting down with [EnSite’s director of economic research and strategy] Brent Kettler, seeing what his ideas are and whether they lined up with what I wanted to do,” Frankie said. “It worked out.”

Frankie serves as a junior analyst, helping Brent and the rest of the team find data-driven solutions. He does so while embracing EnSite’s belief in corporate social responsibility, the aspect of the company that led to fellow intern RoseMarie’s involvement.

“When I talked with Jonathan, the second and third words he used were ‘social responsibility,’” RoseMarie said. “As soon as he said that, I thought, ‘That’s it, I want to work for them.’”

RoseMarie is dedicated to studying sea level rise and the way communities respond to it. She’s passionate about urban hydrology and coastal resiliency in dense urban environments, and she’s writing her thesis on financing adaptation design at the local level.

“There are social issues we have to deal with. Where are all the people going to go?” she asked. “How are we going to deal with the financial loss? How are we going to deal with the place attachment loss, the mental strain that happens when people become displaced?”

Her experience with EnSite is helping her understand ways to answer those questions as she embarks on her career and the matter becomes increasingly pressing. RoseMarie will be part of the solution for generations to come.

The same is true of Frankie, who is honing his acumen for leveraging data to enhance business. Together, he and RoseMarie demonstrate how a commitment to people can pay vast social, economic and environmental dividends.

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