Lee County Parks and Rec: It Starts in Parks!

Lee County Parks and Rec: It Starts in Parks!

Living in Southwest Florida means we have 365 days a year to enjoy sunshine. While others may be shoveling snow or scraping ice off their windshields, we are planning weekend trips to the beach or maybe even Disney. Lee County Parks and Recreation is a huge part of what makes our Florida lifestyle possible. They are dedicated to keeping our parks and beaches safe, clean, and fun for the whole family.

Lee County Parks and Recreation’s mission is “To provide safe, clean and functional Parks & Recreation facilities. To provide programs and services that add to the quality of life for all Lee County residents and visitors. To enhance tourism through special events and attractions. We are committed to fulfilling this mission through visionary leadership, individual dedication and the trustworthy use of available resources.”

Lee County supports land development and expansions of their many parks and preserves. Together with many local land planning, civil engineering, landscape architecture firms, and most of all the community support, they have developed some of the best parks Southwest Florida has to offer. Their programs and services are state of the art.

In October 2013, Lee County Parks and Recreation opened its newest recreation center in North Fort Myers. After over a year of construction and planning the center is now a focal point for community events.  The recreation center was built in the existing North Fort Myers Community Park. Construction for the new sustainable design can now be used as a local hurricane shelter as well.  The facility is 35,000 square feet to be used for youth and adult programs, a fitness center, game rooms, and a gymnasium.  The gymnasium for multipurpose sports was built as top of the line to tournament standards.

Lee County and the Minnesota Twins have had a long and fulfilling relationship. Lee County and the Twins are investing $48.5 million dollars into Hammond Stadium and the Lee County Sports Complex (LCSC) for renovations. Some of the changes will include increased seating capacity, enhanced concessions, renovated concourses, and a new player development academy. Lee County Parks and Recreation believes in investing in our community. Hammond Stadium and LCSC is a focal point for so many families in Southwest Florida. Whether you are there to catch a game or play one, this facility has so much to offer.

Our beaches are breathtaking. The natural beauty we have just a few steps away from our front doors is something that can sometimes be taken for granted. Lee County Parks and Recreation is dedicated to keeping our beaches clean, safe, and natural. Bonita Beach, Captiva, and Boca Grande are arguably some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast, along with many others in Lee County alone. The beach is home to our unique wildlife as well. Sea turtles are an important part of our Florida ecosystem. They are protected due to their low level population. It’s not uncommon to come across roped off areas on the beach that protect their eggs. Sea turtles come on our shores each year to build their nests.

Lee County has so much to offer. Our community comes together each day to make Southwest Florida the best home or vacation destination for locals and visitors alike. Lee County Parks and Recreation plays a big part in keeping the fun and excitement in our cities!

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