On McGregor Blvd slow down and see the sights

On McGregor Blvd slow down and see the sights

It was Ferris Bueller who said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Here at EnSite, we can all use that reminder. We’re sure many in Southwest Florida are in the same boat – or more likely in your car zipping around between appointments, working on new projects, ferrying the kids to their activities, meeting new people. When you’re in go-go-go mode, driving a familiar route, it can sometimes take a while to notice something new.

We have heard from a few folks who knew about our involvement in the McGregor Boulevard Veterinarian Clinic project that they just recently noticed the beautiful new sign that’s gone up in front of the building. It’s been a couple of months, but we’ll refer back to Ferris’ sage observation – life moves pretty fast. Here’s the clinic’s FB post about the new sign, which was designed by our own Matt Horton. Our team members are talented in so many different ways!

EnSite provided all the planning, landscape architecture and site engineering for the project. The rezoning of the property was especially unique because this was the first project to be reviewed and approved using Lee County’s recently adopted Compact Communities Planned Development (CCPD) zoning code. This is a form-based code that emphasizes mixed-use and compact development, rather than a separation of uses with the large setbacks that contribute to sprawl.

It seems like a long time ago. If it took the clinic a year and half to put out the sign, it’s only because life moves pretty fast when you have a lot of furry friends to take care of. We appreciate all they do, and are proud to have helped give them an ideal space for them to best serve their patients. So as summer brings its swelter, let’s see if we can slow down a little so we don’t miss anything life has to show us.

McGregor vet concept

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