The missing letters in “success”

The missing letters in “success”

How do you spell success? Hard work, determination and innovation? Certainly those can be critical determinants in going from the idea stage to successive (ahem) milestones. A big piece of the puzzle, though, is often missing from biographies of the great American tycoons. Yes, intelligence is a basic prerequisite for growing and maintaining a business. And emotional intelligence has rightly gained prestige in the MBA textbooks – managing relationships is a basic concept to any entrepreneur.

That takes care of IQ and EQ. But those letters fail to give the A-to-Z big picture of success. What’s missing? Well, we didn’t think to use the abbreviation LQ until we happened upon this Inc. Magazine article.

That’s right. The founder of China’s Amazon equivalent, Alibaba, sites LOVE as the most essential element of success. Maybe that word sounds a little bit mushy for the marble halls of corporate lexicon. Go ahead and argue with a man whose net worth is valued at almost $40 billion. With a B. But let’s leave the almighty dollar for now. It’s not the mighty part of the equation, anyway.

At EnSite, the importance of LQ is a “duh” concept, and it’s how we’ve differentiated ourselves over the more than 11 years since we’ve opened our doors. How do we spell success? By walking the walk when it comes to corporate social responsibility. By aligning our mission with causes that strengthen our community. By giving our team members the space to live their ideals and contribute in the way that let their talents shine. In short, by loving what we do and loving the place where we live, work, learn and play (those are all four-letter words, and we’re not afraid to say them – so why would love be any different?).

Actions speak louder than words, right? We believe actions that contain a good LQ speak the loudest of them all.

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