Resolutions on a grander scale

Resolutions on a grander scale

“New year, new you.” A classic phrase muttered by thousands of mouths across the country making the age-old resolve to be a better person. Some resolutions are said for fitness goals, others personal endeavors, and some are just said to pay homage to the new year. The commonality: They are all said to put a focus on the things to come. With the year’s end just around the corner, many people, like us, are looking forward to the possibilities of tomorrow.


So, what excites us about 2019? In one word—data. Data will not only continue to shift how we operate as a company but also the information we have access to. A great example that spurred our excitement can be seen in a recent article on The article details how researchers at Descartes Labs are using artificial intelligence to analyze data points from multiple sources to develop a map of urban tree canopy cover. What struck us most was not the detailed maps being created and how they could enhance our ability to assist municipalities and businesses on long-term planning projects, but rather how the maps themselves were being created.


For years, data has been collected on everything from citizen income levels to water infrastructure waste levels. These data sets are so large, however, that we are just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding these complex integrated systems. The future of data analysis is poised to see a remarkable uptick in 2019 with the help of advances in AI.


Locally, we look forward to seeing how new data reports, mappings and analysis shape our community and business. We are committed to using data to better inform our customers during the planning process of projects and more efficiently make an impact on our community as a whole. We look forward to sharing how we are using data throughout the year to better our business!

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