12 years in, sustainability remains the focus

12 years in, sustainability remains the focus

We’ve been so busy we hardly noticed our business just reached the 12-year mark. The principles that made us different in the urban design/planning/engineering/landscape architecture space are still what we hold near and dear today. Aside from the technical expertise and customer service excellence you should expect of our type of firm, EnSite is defined by our horizontal leadership structure, focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

We thought it would be fun to share this old video that was produced on the occasion of being rewarded the first-ever Chrysalis sustainability award from the Horizon Council back in 2012.

A lot has happened since then (anyone remember Jon’s buzz cut?), but we still like to share this as a reminder that sustainability has three components:

-social equity

When all three come together, the future is in very good hands. The hairstyles, though – those are just going to keep changing.

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