The Imaginarium gets Tanked!

The Imaginarium gets Tanked!

This is the dawning of the age of aquariums, the age of aquariums…(aquaria?)

You probably know by now that true to our EnRichment initiative, there are several community organizations and service projects we’re passionate about, from Cape Coral Hospital’s Pathway to Discovery to Tanglewood Elementary’s outdoor classroom to the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools and even more. As the expertise represented by EnSite’s team was cultivated by early STEM learning opportunities, we feel it’s important to pay it forward to provide those types of opportunities to the next generation. We will come to rely on them someday – before we know it! – to design communities that are sustainable and that will fulfill the needs of their residents and stakeholders long into the future.

To that end, our own Jon Romine has been serving for a while now as president of the board for the Imaginarium Foundation, serving the interests of the Imaginarium Science Center and Southwest Florida Museum of History. Naturally fundraising is an important function of the foundation, with the Imagine Gala the major function for that function – ha!

Wayde and Brett from Tanked unveiling the new U.S.S. Mohawk exhibit!

With the great support of the community over the years, we are thrilled to be able to expand and improve the programming and exhibits, and eventually enrich the campus of the Imaginarium, which recently became more closely aligned with the SWFL Museum of History.

Here is an exciting development – we’re going to be on TV! Tanked, the Animal Planet series that follows builders of aquariums (aquaria?) for the rich and famous was on hand here in Fort Myers just a few days ago. Wayde King and Brett Raymer  built a beautiful new tank containing a replica of the U.S.S. Mohawk, the proud ship that was commissioned in 1935 and intentionally sunk to be an artificial reef off the coast of Fort Myers Beach in 2012. How’s that for recycling?

Producers from the show tell us “our” episode will air sometime in June. Tune in, and come on in to the Imaginarium to check it out! Don’t forget to say with glee, “You sank my battleship!” And it’s all in the name of sustainability and STEM learning for our next generation. There’s just something so sweet about that full cycle process.


Jon Romine, Imaginarium and SWFL Museum of HIstory Director Matt Johnson, Tanked’s Wayde King, and the guys from Black Salt catering – winners of the 2016 Imagine Gala Celebrity Chef Cookoff

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