Intern Chris Perrigan enriches the EnSite team

Intern Chris Perrigan enriches the EnSite team

The theme of our blog is EnRichment. It also describes our mission to improve the long-term success of the community where we live, work, learn and play. Much of that success depends on the outcomes we foster for our young people. Recently our company has been enriched by the presence of our intern, Chris Perrigan. Chris is currently studying to receive a Master’s in Public Administration from Florida Gulf Coast University with a focus in Environmental Planning and Policy. Right up our alley, right?

He’s an ambitious 23-year-old. The Tallahassee native graduated from the prestigious Maclay School in 2012 before earning a bachelor’s degree in political science from FGCU. Chris has aspirations to go to law school and focus on environmental and land use law. He says he has had an interest in government and policy for as long as he can remember. He told us, “I have always asked the ‘why’ question to things that take place in our society and enjoy investigating issues. I also find fulfillment in being able to directly help someone with an issue.”

True to his word, he’s a great guy to go to for thinking through any kind of problem. He’s forward thinking, appreciates a good joke, and for all his ambition, is laid back and goofy. It’s an interesting mix and the very definition of “well rounded.” His hobbies include fishing, golfing, hiking and craft beer drinking. He’s also a “wannabee economics nerd.”

Chris is the oldest of three boys. His brothers William and James are his best friends. He’s learned a lot from them about competition, especially arguing about who’s the smartest. Tennis has also been a great teacher. He started at age 10, and continued right through college as he played for the FGCU men’s team. He said, “Playing tennis individually and as part of a team throughout my life has taught me about the values of teamwork, perseverance and personal responsibility. This is especially true as I am beginning to transition into the adult world and away from the college life.”

Stop in and say hi to Chris. You will find yourself enriched.

EnSite intern Chris Perrigan

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