A not-so-humble brag

A not-so-humble brag

In internet-speak, a humblebrag is when someone tries to be coy while also being ostentaciously self-aggrandizing. We’re not going to hold back when we brag about our own Matt Horton, but he himself is humble and is probably going to hate this. Ha! Oh well. It’s the way this particular cookie crumbles.

Matt is our director of urban design. Around here, we call him the boundary pusher, and he has certainly gotten to push the boundaries of what it means to be a landscape architect with his design, planning (and most everything else) involved with the beautiful build of the McGregor Boulevard Veterinary Clinic. And for his efforts he gets a fruitful partnership with his wife, owner of the clinic, Lura Jones, DVM. He also gets national recognition as the winner of the General Practice Hospital of the Year Design Award from Veterinary Economics.

Check out this link for a story in the dvm360 magazine about the amazing site and building, with its emphasis on designing for well being and environmental sustainability.

Have you had the privilege of taking a furry friend to the clinic? Stop on by. Part of the design is a public park. We hope you enjoyed this not-so-humble brag about one heck of a humble guy. Sorry, Matt (not really).

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