Welcome to Downtown LaBelle!

Downtown LaBelle Mainstreet

Welcome to Downtown LaBelle!

Welcome to Downtown LaBelle!

Growing old is a part of life. Often it’s a part of life that we try to ignore, postpone, or deny. Ad executives have made a fortune on “Look 10 years younger” or “Look as young as you feel” or “Guaranteed to reduce the signs of aging in two easy steps”. As a society youth is something we all aspire to after we begin to lose it. Aches and pains become a common part of the day and bouncing back takes just a little bit longer.

With age comes wisdom and character. Each wrinkle or gray hair has a unique history behind it. Our community is much the same. The depth of our culture continues to develop each day. What once was fresh and new is now historic and developed. This is one of the cornerstones behind the formation of the LaBelle Downtown Revitalization Corporation.  “The LABELLE DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION CORPORATION (LDRC) is a group of volunteers who have an interest in improving the appearance and economic stability of historic Downtown LaBelle.”*

The LDRC believes that the history and future of LaBelle is connected deeply with the people of the community. The Downtown Revitalization Project is rooted in the belief that LaBelle is one of the best towns in Southwest Florida, bar none. While it may be considered off the beaten path to some, LaBelle is rich in culture and opportunity. One of the goals of this project is to make the downtown area a showroom for the vitality of LaBellians. “Our downtown must be reflective of the kind of people we are and how we want others to see our community.”

Investing in the revitalization of Downtown LaBelle is a necessity for the town. This project will create job opportunities, save tax dollars, and build a positive image for the community while preserving the historic resources.  “In an economically healthy downtown, property owners can afford to maintain the historic commercial buildings and preserve an important part of the community’s heritage.” Instead of people looking for jobs in areas with better economic standing, the citizens of LaBelle are committed to making their town grow and prosper. Urban sustainable development is paramount to creating a sustainable downtown.

The LABELLE DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION CORPORATION (LDRC) is made up of strictly volunteers. Each person is passionate about creating the LaBelle they know it can be. Land planning and urban development are top priorities for this project. Generations have grown up in LaBelle, created small businesses and provided for their families. Working together is a way of life and walking down the street is full of familiar faces where “everybody knows your name”.

The LDRC is hosting their 2nd annual Wharf Walk on November 8th, 2014 held at the City Wharf on the Caloosahatchee River in Downtown LaBelle. The Wharf Walk will help to raise funds needed for the Downtown Revitalization Project. Filled with food, music, shopping, and fun for the whole family, the Wharf Walk highlights the best of LaBelle. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community while having a blast!

While aging is an undeniable fact of life, this is not a bad thing. The culture and history that blossom after years of experiences are priceless. Downtown LaBelle is just one example of a community who wants to put their best face forward. They are willing to invest time, money, and resources to making their town better.

* http://www.downtownlabelle.com/labelle-downtown-revitalization-corporation/


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