At EnSite, we engage a wide spectrum of stakeholders through both business and community service and we have relationships with vendors and subcontractors in various industries. Additionally, with staff who are actively engaged in social, environmental, and educational non-profit ventures throughout our communities, EnSite has a wide radius of connectivity. Whether we are alongside our employees, customers, vendors, community members, students, or others, we understand our responsibility is to positively impact those with whom we interact. Continued investment in the development, health, safety, and well-being of all our internal and external stakeholders is paramount and maintains our priorities; working with the community is vital to our purpose.

  • $9,500 invested in overall wellness in last 3 years
  • Completed 4 long-term, high school through career mentorships
  • We invested over $700 in training and education per employee over the past 3 years.

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Stable Return On Investment (ROI) is not only vital for the stability and growth of EnSite, but also for the vitality of our community. Investing time and money in our community helps build a sustainable future. To achieve our core goals and support our business culture, we strive to push place-making and longevity through all our projects. Internally, we value fair and equal wages, and general wealth distribution. In the examination conducted, we found that business success, personal fulfillment, and civic well-being are directly correlated. For EnSite to have opportunities to make positive impact, we must be profitable. In profits, EnSite will find the growth necessary to support and lead the community to a more sustainable future. The triple bottom line philosophy is essential to small businesses, as well as the region. Finding a balance that includes profitability will support regional infrastructure and economic stability.

  • 22% decline in office material consumption of our business
  • Revenues have increased 53% as volunteer hours have doubled
  • FIVE contributors evenly influence EnSite’s economic stability

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We understand that our professional work has both positive and negative impacts on our planet. As stewards of developed and undeveloped land, and all the inhabitants within, there is a deep responsibility to mitigate and minimize negative repercussions. That is why over 90 % of all our land planning and permitting work incorporates landscape features, like native retention areas, which naturally maintain a clean ecosystem.

  • 92% of projects designed with native plant species
  • 150,000 new plantings to Southwest Florida
  • Landscape features were incorporated into 90% of our land planning and permitting work

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