Placemaking from the sky – public art builds community

Placemaking from the sky – public art builds community

There’s a video going around that seems to have powerfully captured the internet’s imagination. A collective called Poetic Kinetics creates shimmering sky-scapes that have people looking up, up and away. What captures our imagination is this public art’s powerful ability to influence what’s happening on the ground.

Starting off with footage of the installation called “Liquid Shard,” this short exploration of PK’s portfolio jumps off to other celestial-spanning streamer collages that fly in concert, echoing the murmurations of swallows or silvery baitfish.

Lovely stuff, especially with the chosen background music in the film. We’re captivated by the ability of public art to call people together, to experience a familiar space in a novel way, to linger for no reason except to enjoy something senselessly beautiful.

“Liquid Shard” is an installation that was created under cover of darkness overnight as a surprise gift for the neighbors and visitors to Pershing Square. Angelenos were given the opportunity to view this space in a new way. And millions of internet users are able to engage with an artful Los Angeles. Poetic is right.

Public art has intrinsic value, of course. And we’re especially moved by projects that are presented as a gift to a community. Public art is also an essential element and expression of the ideals of placemaking. And to that we say, the sky’s the limit.

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