Plant a seed for nature-based education

 Plant a seed for nature-based education

Spring has sprung, which means more for our northern friends, perhaps. But as the days grow longer, it’s a great time to make things grow. Whether a seasoned gardener or complete novice, everyone can enjoy the unique satisfaction of watching a seed become a flower or yummy vegetable. It will make you curious about nature’s processes and even spark a desire to share the wonder with a young person.

We saw a blog post from a local organization that focuses on early childhood development, which reminded us how simple it can be to grow some learning. At EnSite, part of our business is to enhance the community through landscape architecture principles that honor the natural environment and promote sustainability by using the right plants. Plants and outdoor experiences help people make a connection with their environment.

Here’s a link to the blog post we mentioned:

Is there a child in your life that you’d like to connect with? Try planting a seed!

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