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The plan EnSite developed with the Alliance for the Arts campus enrichment project transforms the gateway to the City of Fort Myers into a pedestrian-friendly space for the entire community. The project links the creativity at the heart of the Alliance with local environmental functionality using irrigation, landscaping gardens and other elements. A sculpture designed by internationally acclaimed environmental artist Michael Singer will be a core feature, evoking the city’s environmental past, present and potential future in both form and function.

Featuring lush landscaping, including native trees and shrubbery, the plan calls for several walking paths throughout the property. In keeping with the artistic journey of discovery, each path draws visitors to a significant part of the campus, whether it’s the main building, the amphitheater, public art, or a performance area. The existing performance area on the south side of the property will be upgraded to amphitheater-style seating for a more inviting and connective viewing experience.

A new three to four-story administration/classroom building at the north end will promote the inevitable connection between art and education. The structure’s green roof will serve as an outdoor classroom, calling attention to the role of creativity in sustainability.

The elements chosen for the project evoke the innovation, ingenuity and inspiration of great artists and the City’s most decorated early residents. The site is designed to create a park-like environment that serves as a gathering space for the artists and dreamers who will shape the Fort Myers of tomorrow.

Read more about the campus plan from the Alliance website here.