As a corridor for residents, patients, and the public, the campus of the Cape Coral Hospital carries varied meaning and supports multiple uses. EnSite was asked to redesign the space with a fresh approach, drawing the community together while promoting health, wellness and sustainability.

Sustainable solutions for this site culminate in the conversion of sprawling parking lots into small footprint garages with garden rooftops, a pedestrian walking trail, an apple orchard, and an expanded pond that includes a lit fountain and is surrounded by native shade trees, seating areas and exercise stations. Living pathways create micro wildlife corridors while connecting pedestrians to every section of the hospital campus from park, to garden, to pond, to courtyard.

The network of walking routes establishes an inclusive and cyclical space. Solar panels line the roof of the wellness center, providing renewable energy for the site. An island classroom set adjacent to the pond is covered by a pavilion to provide a year-round outdoor learning environment for children in the hospital.