The Cape Coral Hospital site has immense potential for neighborhood transformation. The campus concept project presented an opportunity to restrategize existing spatial relationships. In the proposed plan, the private campus is transformed into a green community nexus, which promotes health and wellbeing as part of a comprehensive approach to healthcare.


Lee Health recognizes that the condition of our natural and built environments directly impact public health, and that to support communities, we must understand these relationships. With five prominent community needs at the forefront – lifestyle, care access, disparities, child care and safe environments – EnSite renewed the hospital campus as a healing environment for the community in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way. The result is a campus that feels like a flourishing, privately-owned public park.


The plan creates a destination to serve as a beacon for the community, drawing individuals of all ages and abilities to come, engage and restore their health and well-being. Through this project, restoration takes place personally — through body, mind and spirit — environmentally — through land and air — and economically — through urban renewal and disposable income. As healthcare continues to expand into the entire continuum of care, the campus of Cape Coral Hospital is focused on improving the health of the community, today and well into the future.