Marrying best practices in design with evidence-based health and wellness interventions, this concept wellness plan for the offices of the School District of Lee County engages both the built and natural environment as a vehicle to support human health, wellbeing, and comfort while reducing energy and facility lifecycle costs. The plan provides a safe and healthy setting for campus visitors and staff to enjoy the benefits of exercise, social interaction and recreation, and is the result of local individuals, organizations, businesses and government coming together in the spirit of cooperation and revitalization of place.

An entry courtyard draws employees and visitors from a shady lakeside area through a green space. An outdoor training facility with stationary and functional training equipment, an indoor fitness facility, and a cafe reinforce a commitment to body as well as mind. A passive recreation area and loop trail encourage a confluence with nature. All of it evokes the notion of schools not just as the places children spend the day but social and cultural hubs for the communities that surround them.

This transformation of space has wide-reaching and long-lasting impacts. The concept embraces the need for holistic nurturing and preparation inherent in education and casts the nation’s 32nd largest school district as a leader in a multifaceted approach to community sustainability. Healthy school employees engaged in a working environment that meets their needs and facilitates maximized productivity set an example for students who inherit the responsibility for a healthy and prosperous future.