EnSite’s planning and design study of downtown Lehigh Acres and the Admiral Lehigh neighborhood showcases future redevelopment opportunities to transform two semi-developed areas into centralized, sustainable urban landscapes that bring residents and businesses together. Both commercial centers offer highly connected, walkable, bike-able centers served by multi-modal transportation that connects the community while reducing overall trip generation and the need for leaving the Lehigh Acres community to fulfill basic needs.

The plan also evaluated current and potential land use and infrastructure to identify maximum economic impact with responsible attention to utilities and stormwater needs that will effectively manage the quantity and quality of water being discharged into the Orange River.

EnSite uncovered a unique opportunity to expand the use of Harns Marsh as a stormwater feature for collection and treatment of water. The expanded marsh doubles as an additional community benefit through habitat creation, community recreation and education.

The adopted regulating plans for the downtown and neighborhood represent an idea of how Lehigh Acres might begin creating vital urban centers that not only support economic growth of the area but preserve places that represent important historic moments in the conception and evolution of the community. The commitment of the residents of Lehigh Acres is in place and represents the collective wisdom needed to create the future they envision. Through ongoing strategic planning that includes local leadership and government, community and business partnerships, the creation of an environment that supports the local economy and fosters community success can be achieved.