EnSite’s conceptual design of Terry Station was awarded first place overall, first place by the design professionals committee and first place by the finance committee in the 2010 Re-Connecting Lee Transit-Oriented Design Competition. The recognized proposal grew out of the rich history of Terry Park, where baseball legends trained for decades. Concept and design work refines the relationship between the park and the surrounding area, endowing Terry Station with a dynamic fusion of mobility and place.

Terry Station acts as a source of economic incentive and a gateway to the Caloosahatchee riverfront. Attracting professional sports teams and fostering public access to a valuable environmental feature, the revitalized Terry Park eliminates spatial hurdles and encourages physical and social growth. Recalling history in a design that brings people and place together, Terry Station is a revitalized hub for entertainment, recreation, living and shopping.

The concept for the station includes a modern network of multi-modal of transportation, including a centralized hub as the main anchor, establishing direct access to rail, trolleys, buses, and a unified system of linear parks and pathways. The transit exchange engages the surrounding area to form a lively district where mobility is an essential interactive feature. The combination of all the components creates a sustainable urban form that promotes human interaction and experience.