Lee County is a beautiful coastal community in tourist-driven Southwest Florida. For decades, the vision of community leadership has been to keep it this way by making lasting improvements to the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike for many future generations. EnSite’s Lee County Sustainability Plan defines a path for the vision and policies set forth by the Board of County Commissioners in the 1990s to come to fruition. The plan serves as a framework for Lee County’s journey toward greater livability and resilience, addressing challenges and capitalizing on assets.

Understanding the need to remain a community of choice for residents, visitors, and businesses over time, the strategy builds upon Lee County’s existing work and longstanding values while at the same time identifying opportunities to think differently, avoid unintended consequences, and foster innovative solutions in the face of complex challenges.

The creation of a sustainable community requires a commitment from community members. This plan relies heavily on work that was done over three years across departments and throughout organizations to understand the community’s vision and priorities for community, economic and environmental sustainability. The process established a number of critical partnerships that make Lee County more competitive by fostering collaboration to achieve community goals. Each goal outlined in the plan has actions and outcomes that help us understand how we are or are not advancing toward the vision of a more sustainable Lee County.