Reflecting on recent projects

Reflecting on recent projects

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind here at EnSite. With the grand opening of the much-anticipated Collaboratory and the groundbreaking of phase one of the Alliance for the Arts campus enrichment project, we have been unusually busy. With these major events behind us, we want to take some time to briefly dive into these projects and what makes them such exemplary showcases of what EnSite is all about.


The Collaboratory project has been one of the most rewarding projects we have had the pleasure of working on. It truly demonstrates our agency’s capabilities and mission. While intentional design elements like the recreated rail line, efficient landscape architecture and solar trees are important aspects of what makes the Collaboratory special, it is the core purpose and unique collaboration that make this project even more important.


Funded through a $10 million New Market Tax Credit deal, the new home of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation is a perfect example of how the public and private sectors can work together to benefit the community. This newly redesigned property was built to encourage deep conversations, promote big thinking and foster innovative technology.


Continuing the thread of bettering our community is the work being done at Alliance for the Arts. With phase one underway, we are excited to see the new campus design come to life. The Alliance property overhaul is about more than new buildings. It is a purpose-driven design to connect the community with art and artists. The plan, which incorporates many park-like elements, is meant to further the Alliance’s position as a gathering space for the community, providing access to green space while furthering the arts.


In our recently released CSR report, we highlight the importance we have placed on giving back to the community. These projects show our dedication to this purpose. They’re not simply two examples of how we give back. Both places are giving back to our community in countless ways each and every day. We can’t wait to see how the community responds!


Visit our on the boards page for details on the Collaboratory and the Alliance for the Arts projects.

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