Resolve to live artfully in 2017

 Resolve to live artfully in 2017

It’s time to hang a new calendar on the wall and stand before the promise of a brand new year. We’re a little tired of the same ol’ resolutions and got to thinking about the kinds of changes that can really “stick.” There’s so much going on around Lee County in terms of the arts that we considered what it would mean to live more artfully in 2017.


The city of Fort Myers requested another extension on the public art display consisting of the whimsical, large-format sculptures placed throughout downtown. The Gardner’s Park arts district plan has been approved by the city. And the Alliance for the Arts campus enrichment project is getting closer to realization. It just seems like the stage is pretty well set to enjoy more art this coming year. That’s a good thing!

What’s even better is when you can find ways to nurture your own inner artist. Do you have an old guitar collecting dust? Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing or dance? Was there a time in your life when you were able to dedicate some energy to painting or drawing? Do you have a half-finished novel or book of poems in a drawer somewhere?

Our friends at the Alliance offer classes for kids and adults in dozens of art forms, and will happily direct you to other area arts centers to help you find your spark. What stands in the way between you and your easel, pottery wheel, camera, pen, typewriter, accordion or dancing shoes? Just some limiting beliefs that, along with your 2016 calendar, can now be discarded?

We at EnSite wish you a very happy, healthy, prosperous new year. And we believe that once you make space for a little art in your life, that resolution will pretty much keep itself.

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