A road to gratitude

 A road to gratitude

With Thanksgiving coming up, we at EnSite have turned our thoughts to gratitude. It gets a lot of lip service during this time of year; the trick is to cultivate it in daily life. It’s worth it – we all know that when we concentrate on that which gives us joy, we navigate the world in a more mindful, grounded manner. But just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy.

We came upon an excellent blog post today by an urban planner named Kristen Jeffers, who calls herself The Black Urbanist. We used the word “navigate” just a moment ago, and the thing she gives thanks for is her special means of navigating between different parts of identity and domestic life – a country road. We’ll let you read her post on the subject of that road, which is much more than a means of getting from point a to point b.

Ever sing “Over the River and Through the Woods” on a holiday visit to grandmother’s house? A road is cause for reflection on the connections between our relatives, the stories that hold those connections together and our place within a story greater than ourselves. As Ms. Jeffers reminds us, it’s also a chance to give thanks for the diversity of our American terrain and our experience of the urban transect.

Which roads will you travel during the upcoming holidays?

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