Soft skills are hard - FutureMakers will change that

 Soft skills are hard - FutureMakers will change that

Kids these days! Well, it wasn’t so long ago that some of us at EnSite would have rolled our eyes at that statement. The truth is, colleges are churning out graduates with top notch technical skills that have no experience writing a business letter, conducting themselves in a room full of business leaders or even answering the phone. As a recent article in the News-Press indicates, the lack of so called soft skills (i.e. the fundamentals for conducting one’s self in life and business) in the workforce is a big problem for employers. Turns out you can’t blame the kids – it’s been a problem forever.

As it always does, the FutureMakers Coalition have identified that urgent need and are creating solutions. An intensive curriculum and a pilot program to roll out that curriculum to college kids is in the making.

The FutureMakers is accepting applications from businesses and nonprofits to be part of it all. The result is that they, and the Southwest Florida community, will have a more robust workforce that in addition to technical skills, also have a firm grasp on critical thinking and collaboration. Here’s a link: This will have to be a weekend project for you, though, because applications are due Nov.1! Think fast, the future is now.

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