Stopping the buck on green building

 Stopping the buck on green building

Ask architects and policy folks about the biggest developments in green building over the past 10 years, and one answer you’re sure to here is the increase in awareness. “Going green” has become a pretty standard wish list item for a lot of clients, public sector campuses and governments. And on that wish list it has often remained, due to concerns about costs and lack of incentives. So, we were pleased that Gulfshore Business magazine was producing a bit spread about the topic, and even more pleased when we saw the title last week, Smarter Eco-nomics.

Judging from the chorus of voices that was included – representing the construction sector, developers and architects, plus a voice representing public-private sustainability interests (in our friend Tessa LeSage of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation) and our own Jon Romine just doing what he does – a huge mindset hurdle is finally being surmounted. That is, policy and industry folks alike are recognizing that though “going green” may cost more up front, it will bring in more green in the long run. It’s no longer a valid excuse to say, “well, I’d love to do things in a more eco-friendly manner, but it’s just too expensive.”

We’re talking big, big returns on investment, in terms of the environment, the economy and even social equity concerns like housing. Read on!

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