Sustainability – communities that are built to last

Sustainability – communities that are built to last

There was a time in recent history when “environmentalist” was used as a dirty word. Although public policy often still lags behind environmental science, mainstream thinking about sustainability has come a long way. Part of our role as a company is to help advance that progress. One way we can do that is to promote the idea that sustainability is more than one thing. In fact, it’s three things.

In some quarters, “environmentalist” was a term once bandied about to mean someone who is focused on the environment at the expense of business interests. However, the two cannot be mutually exclusive. That would be the opposite of sustainable. Modern planners, engineers and designers in fact understand sustainability as a three-legged stool.

In 2012, the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce and Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau named EnSite its Chrysalis Award winner for sustainability. Yes, we are experts in “green” design. However, “going green” must be balanced with promoting the economic wellbeing and values of a community. As members of the community we serve, we have a vested interest in seeing it become the most vibrant, beautiful and connected place it can be. That’s something worth sustaining, and it all begins with planning.



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